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Hendry Emma
Hendry Emma

The impact of sex dolls on men's mental health is actually a more controversial issue. In fact, the experiment did not mention whether men would extend their habits on full size sex dolls to real life if they interacted with human lovers in the future, such as the mentality of "only satisfying themselves, not their partners." But then again, in reality, many men are very selfish when it comes to sex. Even if they have not used sex dolls, they will still have this mentality. As for whether sex dolls influence men to view women as sexual objects for whatever they want, sociological research today generally agrees that when pornography is legal, sexual assault rates decrease in a given country or region. The same seems to be true for sex doll ownership, which provides a safe outlet for men who are having trouble with relationships. For example, if a man has just lost his love but is not ready to continue his emotional life, a sex doll can provide him with a buffer period for sexual venting. Current research shows that the only difference between men with and without sex dolls is whether they have a sexual partner when they want to vent their sexual desires. And a fully functional robot sex doll can offer them a lot.

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