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Summary of types of soccer betting odds and betting odds

Placing bets on soccer prediction matches has garnered considerable attention as a lucrative source of profit. Here, we compile various types of football betting odds and diverse wagering ratios.

When reading articles, newsletters, or fan comments about football, you're likely to come across terms like betting odds, football bets, statistics, and win-loss ratios. Many people often confuse betting odds with wagering ratios in football. The term "odds" is generally used when placing football bets, while "wagering ratio" refers to the amount of money you put down after winning a bet.

If you're interested in analyzing them to participate in betting or simply to understand them but don't know where to start, this article will introduce you to various types of football betting odds and wagering ratios.

Registering an Account with Bookmakers

To engage in betting and understand the different types of betting odds, you first need to create an account with a bookmaker.

Currently, most reputable bookmakers in Vietnam offer outstanding advantages, including promotions, loyalty points, and excellent customer support. They address all inquiries promptly, especially concerning depositing and withdrawing funds, ensuring a smooth process.

Wide Range of Betting Odds

There are three main types of computer soccer prediction mathematical odds prevalent today: Asian Handicap, European Handicap, and Over/Under.

Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap, also known as Handicap or HDP, is often abbreviated as HDP on betting platforms. In Asian Handicap betting, the favored team (the one with the handicap) is marked in red on the odds board. The handicap odds indicate the stronger team (handicap team) giving a fixed odds ratio to the weaker team (non-handicap team). Players win if their chosen team wins the bet, lose if their chosen team loses, and receive a refund if the match ends in a draw.

For example, if Bournemouth is playing against Manchester United with odds of 0.94 1/2 0.91, it means Manchester United has a 1/2 goal handicap. If you bet on Manchester United and they win, you'll receive 0.91. If you bet on Bournemouth and they win, you'll receive 0.94.

Asian Handicap betting also includes smaller odds variations:

1/4 Handicap: The favored team gives the underdog a half-stake advantage. If the underdog wins, the player wins; if it's a draw, the player loses half the stake; if the underdog loses, the player loses the entire stake.

1/2 Handicap: The favored team gives the underdog a 1/2 stake advantage. If it's a draw, the underdog wins; if the favored team wins, the player wins; if the underdog loses, the player loses.

3/4 Handicap: The favored team gives the underdog a 3/4 stake advantage. If it's a draw, the player loses the entire stake; if the favored team wins by one goal, the player wins half the stake; if the favored team wins by two or more goals, the player wins the entire stake.

1/4 Handicap: In this scenario, the favored team loses half the stake if they only win by one goal, and the player wins the entire stake if they win by two or more goals. If it's a draw or if the favored team loses, the player loses the entire stake.

European Handicap

European Handicap, also known as Win-Draw-Win or 1X2, is abbreviated as 1X2 on the odds board. It's easier to understand than Asian Handicap betting. Players bet on three outcomes: home team win, draw, or away team win.

Over/Under Betting

Over/Under betting, also known as Over/Under or O/U, is abbreviated as O/U on the odds board. Players bet on two outcomes: Over (above) or Under (below). The result is determined by the total number of goals scored in the match based on the odds set by the bookmaker.

Popular Wagering Ratios

Currently, several bookmakers offer four common types of wagering ratios: European odds, Hong Kong odds, Malaysia odds, and Indonesia odds.

European Odds

European odds, also known as Euro odds, include stakes greater than 1.

To calculate winnings: Winning amount = Bet amount x (Odds ratio - 1).

To calculate losses: Loss amount = Bet amount.

Hong Kong Odds

Hong Kong odds are calculated by multiplying the bet amount by the odds ratio.

Malaysia Odds

Malaysia odds are known for "winning enough, losing less," indicated by red odds with a slash mark in front.

Indonesia Odds

football tips uk focus on matches where underdogs or specific outcomes could yield significant returns. In the English Premier League, a match between Manchester City and Chelsea presents an interesting opportunity. While Manchester City is the favorite, betting on a draw offers high odds. Chelsea has the potential to surprise, especially if their key players step up and City's defense shows any lapses.

In La Liga, Real Madrid versus Valencia is another intriguing matchup. Betting on Valencia to score first can offer attractive odds. Although Real Madrid is the favorite, Valencia has a history of putting up strong performances against top teams, and an early goal could disrupt Madrid's plans.

Indonesia odds operate similarly to Malaysia odds, but with higher odds ratios. They are commonly referred to as "win enough, lose less" odds.

We hope this article provides you with valuable insights into various types of football betting odds and wagering ratios, enabling you to make informed betting decisions.

For further information on online football betting, explore a wide range of resources available at bookmakers' platforms.

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