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Festival de música entre amigos


"When I started in music it was extremely difficult to acquire equipment, nobody helped you to get what you needed, that's why I want to help others with this project".

      -Joel Nardi

For years the community of musicians has been prepared with a large amount of equipment to improve their sound and revolutionize musical genres, however, acquiring said equipment can become an odyssey to obtain the gear they so desire, meeting that need.


Deal's Gear & Pedals is in charge of equipping any musician who wants it with the trending equipment and advanced technology.

In 2017 we began this experience by moving to the city of Los Angeles to learn everything about Gear training at Martin, Taylor, Norman's Rare Guitar and NAMM Show 2018 and 2019 this same year the virtual store is created, with the hope of making a change remarkable in the community of musicians in Mexico.


From 2021 to the present, the first physical store is created in the city of Aguascalientes Mexico Deal's Gear & Pedals Boutique, with the aim of positioning ourselves among the best stores nationwide and operating with our customer service both online and online. in person.

The team
Retrato de un hombre
joel nadi


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Angel Barbossa

General manager 

Mujer sonriendo
Ilse Belinda

Sales Manager

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