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How to Read Football Betting Odds and Detailed Analysis of Football Odds

Sports betting, particularly football, is currently one of the most popular activities attracting a large number of participants. However, for newcomers, understanding how to read odds and successfully place bets can be challenging. For detailed insights, check out Euro Odds' article "Guide to Understanding How to Read Football Betting Odds and Detailed Bookmaker Insights" to get started. Don't forget to explore soccer tips today for the latest strategies.

Understanding Asian Handicap (Handicap) Odds

What is the Asian Handicap?

Asian Handicap, also known as Handicap, is a popular type of bet in sports betting today. This type of bet involves the bookmaker giving a head start to the underdog and a handicap to the favorite with a certain odds ratio. When participating in Asian Handicap betting, players must calculate whether the match result is likely to match the odds set by the bookmaker, enabling them to decide where to place their money for a higher winning percentage.

Detailed and Easy-to-Understand Explanation of Asian Handicap Football Betting

For newcomers, looking at the odds table may seem a bit complex at first. However, with a little effort to understand, Asian Handicap betting is not difficult at all. Below is a detailed example to help players easily understand how Asian Handicap football betting works.

The table below is an illustration for an upcoming World Cup qualifying match in the Asian region between Japan and Oman. Typically, all teams in the odds will be highlighted in bold red, with the home team listed first. The Asian Handicap odds are located in the third column of the table. Here, the bookmaker offers a bet on Japan with a handicap of 2 goals against Oman. This means that for the Japan bet to win, Japan must achieve a score difference of 3 goals or more.

If a player bet 100k on the Japan team and they achieve a score difference of 3 goals or more => The player wins and receives an amount of 100 + 100 × 0.96 = 196k.

If the underdog team wins and the match ends in a draw, the player wins the underdog bet with an amount of 100 + 100 × 0.88 = 188k.

If the favored team wins by a score difference of 2 goals => The player receives their initial bet amount back.

Understanding European Odds

If you find Asian Handicap odds a bit confusing, you can look at European odds – a much simpler type of bet with a winning rate of up to 33.33%. European odds, also known as 1x2 odds, involve players simply choosing and placing their money on one of three options: win, lose, or draw. Unlike Asian Handicap, players do not need to calculate extensively; they only need to rely on the current form of the two teams, their performance in competition, team line-ups, and strengths to make the most accurate decision.

For instance, in the table above, you can find soccer tips 1x2 odds displayed in the second column with appealing rates. Japan has odds of 1.15, Oman stands at 13.5, and selecting a draw offers odds of 6.40.

Guide to Over/Under (Total Goals) Betting Odds

What is Over/Under Betting?

Over/Under betting, also known as Total Goals, is a type of bet where players predict the total number of goals scored in the match. The bookmaker sets a specific odds ratio for players to place their bets. There are two betting options: Over and Under. Over means the total number of goals will exceed the odds ratio set by the bookmaker, while Under means the total number of goals will be less than the odds ratio provided by the bookmaker. If the total number of goals matches the odds ratio set by the bookmaker, the final result is a draw, and the player's money is returned.

Most Accurate Way to View Over/Under Betting Odds

To make an accurate prediction about Over/Under betting, it depends on many factors, including luck to some extent. Below is the most detailed example of Over/Under betting.

Most Accurate Way to View Over/Under (Total Goals) Betting Odds

The table above shows the betting odds between the teams Kazakhstan and Ukraine, with Ukraine highlighted in bold red as the favored team. The Over/Under (O/U) betting odds are represented in the fourth column of the table. For this match, the bookmaker sets the total goals betting at 2/2.5, which is 2.25 goals. There are three possible outcomes:

If the total goals scored are >= 3, the Over bet wins, and the Under bet loses. A player placing 100k on Over will receive 194K.

If the total goals scored are <= 1, the Over bet loses, and the Under bet wins. A player placing 100k on Under will receive 200K.

If the total goals scored are exactly 2, the Over bet loses half of the bet amount, and the Under bet wins half of the bet amount.

Guide to Reading Football Betting Odds Online

In addition to the common types of bets mentioned above, Euro Odds will introduce Series Soccer Tips and other football betting odds to give players more opportunities to win big at betting sites.

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